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Gus Communications Devices - Name brand speech aids at discounted prices
Gus Communications Devices - Name brand speech aids at discounted prices
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Email:  gusinc @  

Toll Free: 866-487-1006  (USA)

Or call: 360-715-8580

Gordon Harris, President

Gus Communication Device, Inc.

Gus Communication Devices (USA) has been developing speech/AAC software for nearly 20 years.  If you are looking for a state-of-the-art speech aid, at a  reasonable price, you’ve come to the right place.  We have speech solutions for Windows, Mac, PocketPC, iPod, iPhone and iPad...and Adroid coming soon.

“Speech Aids at consumer friendly prices...
         ... NOT durable medical equipment prices”

Questions?  Call us at  866-487-1006 or 360-715-8580  Hours: 10-5 PST

For autism, aphasia, stroke, cancer, laryngectomy, Parkinsons ALS or other conditions 

Welcome to Gus Communication Devices Inc.

State-of-the-art technology and lower prices than those “medical equipment” vendors.

Gus offers speech aids using only top quality systems from companies you know...
Apple, HP, Panasonic, Fujitsu and more

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* All software is written and supported by GCD, Inc., except Proloquo2go.

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10am-5pm PST

Gus Communication Devices is proud to be a supplier to the.....

Speech aids for US veterans

Contact Information:
Gus Communication Devices Inc.

1006 Lone Tree Court

Bellingham, WA  98229

Toll Free: 866-487-1006  (USA only)

Outside USA, call 360-715-8580

Email:  gusinc @

Fax:  360-715-9633

TaxID:  26-0442548

Duns#: 961758922


America’s largest selection of name brand speech devices!

Speech Device Vendor Websites

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Speech Device Vendor


1.  TalkTablet (Gus Com)


2.  Dynavox


4.  Prentke Romich Co.


6.  Words+


8.  Silver-Kite (TouchChat)


7.  AMDI Inc.


3.  Attainment


5.  Assistiveware (Proloquo2go)


9.  Lingraphica


Apple, Android, Kindlehttp://www.talktablet.comhttp://www.talktablet.comhttp://www.talktablet.comshapeimage_14_link_0shapeimage_14_link_1
Gus Communications is the #1 source for iPad speech aids for individuals with autism, stroke, cancer, laryngectomy, ALS and other conditions. Also communication devices and speech generating devices. Communication aid and iPad speech apps for autism