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EZ Speech

SpeechPRO Software (Windows)


* Free trial version uses Microsoft voices.  Paid version includes Neospeech voices.

Version - Jan 19, 2010

Windows / Mac

SpeechPRO     (Windows XP/Vista/Win7)     Price:  $895 (free shipping!)

SpeechPRO combines both an on-screen keyboard (top half) and a “dynamic display” expanding grid (bottom half) on a single screen.  Designed for text and/or symbol based communication.  Includes 5,500 communication symbols and Neospeech Premium voices.

SpeechPRO is INCLUDED with all our Windows based speech packages.  FREE software upgrades and tech support for life.

Simple picture and text communication

Simple text communication

(un-needed buttons removed)

Complete text communication

(full vocabulary, unlimited pages)

Click PLAY to view SpeechPRO Introduction

Speech Packages

Customize any or all cells to your liking...

  1. Action:  Speak or Open a New Template (page)

    SpeechPRO supports unlimited pages to create a fully functional “dynamic display AAC” system, using text and/or pictures.

  2. Name:  The text... “Hello”...that appears on the button

  3. Value:  The text to speak for the button...“Hello there, how have you been?”

    Each button can contain text of any length.
    The spoken text isn't limited by the text "label"
    displayed on the button. 

  4. Fully customized buttons.  Font size, color,
    type and characteristics (bold, italic etc.).  Add a
    digital photograph or a communication symbol!  Even
    make a button "invisible" to remove distractions and
    improve scanning efficiency.  Buttons accept characters
    from any language.

  5. Picture:  SpeechPRO supports communication symbols, graphics and digital photographs. 

    SpeechPRO includes a complete library of over 5,500 communication symbols.

SpeechPRO includes a alphabetic vocabulary file named wordlist.txt , however, a vocabulary file with a language vocabulary other then English can be used instead. 

Simply rename your text file (eg. GermanVocab.txt) to wordlist.txt, save it into the SpeechPRO folder (C:\Program Files\SpeechPRO) and SpeechPRO will use that vocabulary.

How do you edit the buttons?   S-I-M-P-L-E

Just press the “Ctrl” key and click any button.

Make your changes and click OK.  That’s it!!

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Speech Software

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Need a speech aid to help with autism, stroke, cancer, laryngectomy, ALS or other condition? 

iPod, iPad, PocketPC, Windows and Mac versions -  Handheld, tablet, or notebook models

Buy Now: $895

Premium voices included!

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SpeechPRO Video Tutorials

Creating/Editing a word template Click HERE

Questions?  Call us at  866-487-1006 or 360-715-8580  Hours: 10-5 PST

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Windows / Mac

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