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Speech Device Vendor


1.  TalkTablet (Gus Com)


2.  Dynavox


4.  Prentke Romich Co.


6.  Words+


8.  Silver-Kite (TouchChat)


7.  AMDI Inc.


3.  Attainment


5.  Assistiveware (Proloquo2go)


9.  Lingraphica


TalkTablet includes the following vocabularies. 

16-button layout: This layout was designed for individual’s who are just beginning to combine symbols to express needs and desires. In addition to single vocabulary items, it contains a variety of pre-programmed phrases. Vocabulary is organized according to semantic categories. Colored borders also indicate the word-class. Pages that are designed for symbol combinations generally follow a left-to-right progression.

24-button #1: This layout was intended for users who are beginning to express more than just basic needs with their communication devices. Therefore, vocabulary to comment and ask questions can be more easily emphasized within this layout, as opposed to the layouts with fewer symbols. Like other layouts, it contains single vocabulary items and pre-programmed utterances. Again, similar to other layouts, vocabulary is organized according to categories and communicative contexts and follows a general left-to-right progression.

24-button #2: The design of this layout facilitates more conversational exchanges. It emphasizes use of conversation starters and follow-up comments by having those phrases readily accessible on the main page. Nonetheless, it still does allow for spontaneous utterance generation to express needs as well. This layout might be particularly appropriate for a child or adolescent who has some verbal language, but struggles to communicate beyond his or her basic needs/wants.   

32-button: In the 32-button design there is continued expansion of the language offered in the other layouts. This layout similarly offers both single vocabulary targets and pre-programmed phrases to continue to allow for participation in conversational exchanges that is efficient and generative.

42-button and 48-button: The most significant changes between the 32-button and the 42 and 48-button layouts is the inclusion of some verb morphology, which allows users to communicate beyond the present and express tense (future, past, present progressive). These layouts continue to include pre-programmed phrases, but they include a large range of single vocabulary items to allow for novel utterance generation. Moreover, they also include function words to allow for the generation of syntactically complete and correct utterances.

TalkTablet includes 9 starter vocabularies.  Here are a few examples.

EZ Speech
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