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for Windows XP and Vista

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Gus Communication Devices Inc.
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Phone: 360-715-8580
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for Windows XP and Vista


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Overboard is a leading tool for parents, teachers and speech language pathologists for creating printed communication boards, schedules, reading/writing activities, visual supports and speech enhanced dynamic display (AAC) solutions! 

Includes 5,500 communication symbols, 250+ communication device templates, and a link to 150,000+ images and symbols from Microsoft's clipart library. With speech output and page linking!

FREE software upgrades!!!  Schools save thousands of $$$$$

Competitive Upgrade Program
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Overboard is a communication board design package containing over
              5,500 high resolution communication symbols
  • Create professional looking communication displays in minutes.
  • Quickly search over 55,000 words in the keyword library and
      instantly retrieve the respective communication symbol(s).
  • Age appropriate for children, teenagers and adults.  No stick men.
  • Resize symbols and pictures to fit any page size.
  • Print and/or save your work to disk, flash drive or floppy disk.
  • Print displays in black & white or color (requires a color printer).
  • Copy/paste symbols to (or from) any other program
  • Make worksheets, symbol instruction sheets, books, journals, or calendars.  Paste in digital photographs or any of Microsoft 130,000 clipart images and symbols.
  • Windows and Mac OSX compatible
  • Includes speech output and support for SAPI speech synthesizers.
  • Includes page linking to create dynamic display (AAC) boards.
  • Download free trial copy of Overboard
  • premium quality speech synthesizer. 
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Mail PO's to: Gus Communications, Inc. 1006 Lone Tree Court, Bellingham, WA  98229              
Or FAX purchase orders to Gus Communication Devices, Inc. at 360-715-9633
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Please make purchase orders & checks payable to "Gus Communication Devices, Inc."
Federal Tax ID: 91-1699199

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$329 each ($1,645 Total)
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$329 each ($3,290 Total)
25 copies $99 each ($2,475 Total)
with Neospeech
$299 each ($7,475 Total)
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